Pete’s Tavern

Pete's TavernI braved the snow earlier today to meet my father & brother at Pete’s Tavern ((129 East 18th Street) ignore the lack of snow in the photograph.  I had forgotten my camera so I found a stock picture on Google), it’s a bit out of my usual stomping grounds, but what the heck.

Just from the exterior, you can tell that this place is old, a plaque by the door proudly states that Pete’s was established in 1864!  The interior probably hasn’t changed much at all!  A long bar with booths on the opposite wall lead to the dining area in the back (I’m pretty sure you can get food service up front too).

Well, let’s get to the meat & potatoes (literally), Pete’s Tavern is a place for burgers & fries. I got one, my Dad did as well, but my brother opted for the special of roasted chicken with fragrant rice; a choice that would end up biting him in the ass.  The chicken arrived looking dry as an old shoe & we could immediately see that he was not happy with this selection.  A few bites into his dish & he pretty much gave up.  Luckily our waitress was on top of her game; she saw that he wasn’t enjoying his meal & offered him something else.

The burgers that we ordered were excellent.  They were cooked medium rare just as we had ordered & you could see the care taken in making the burger & taste the diligence in the selection of meat.  I was unimpressed with my fries (well, not blown away like with the burger anyway), but I liked the beer selection.

All in all, Pete’s Tavern is a great spot to grab a beer, burger & have a good time.  I’ll be going back!
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La Lucha

The MenuI had a chance to check out La Lucha (147 Avenue A) last month (a few days after it had opened) with two friends who had heard about it on Urban Daddy.  I was really excited to finally have another viable Mexican option on Avenue A besides Benny’s Burritos & San Loco.

The first thing that smacks you in the face is the decor!  Bright colors & vibrant pinks, the place is literally covered in Lucha Libre (Mexican ‘Free Wrestling) paraphernalia & wresting footage was being projected on the back wall.  We got a table immediatly & were told that they didn’t have their liquir liscence as yet so we could go to the bodega next door & get a 6-pack (Bonus!).

Grilled cornWe started with 2 orders of the grilled corn (this picture doesn’t do them justice, I had already cut them off the the stalk before I realized I hadn’t taken a picture).  Topped with Mexican white cheese & served with a slice of lime, this was a really good start!  If you’ve ever had the corn at Cafe Habana, then you’ll love this corn as well!

Next up was the Ham & Cheese Quesadilla which was simple, yet very affective.  I have no idea what type of cheese they used, but it tasted awesome!  It sort of reminded me of a Cuban pressed sandwich, minus the pickles & all that stuff.   Really, Really nice!

Unfortunately, the other 3 dishes we ordered, I cannot remember what they were (we ate there about a month ago), but I can tell you that they were good!  Another cool thing was that the bill came in a tiny ring & Luncha mask with some candy.  All in all, I really enjoyed the meal.  The service was good, the food tasted great & once La Lucha gets a liquor liscence (if they already haven’t), I can see myself spending a lot of time here!

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