La Lucha

The MenuI had a chance to check out La Lucha (147 Avenue A) last month (a few days after it had opened) with two friends who had heard about it on Urban Daddy.  I was really excited to finally have another viable Mexican option on Avenue A besides Benny’s Burritos & San Loco.

The first thing that smacks you in the face is the decor!  Bright colors & vibrant pinks, the place is literally covered in Lucha Libre (Mexican ‘Free Wrestling) paraphernalia & wresting footage was being projected on the back wall.  We got a table immediatly & were told that they didn’t have their liquir liscence as yet so we could go to the bodega next door & get a 6-pack (Bonus!).

Grilled cornWe started with 2 orders of the grilled corn (this picture doesn’t do them justice, I had already cut them off the the stalk before I realized I hadn’t taken a picture).  Topped with Mexican white cheese & served with a slice of lime, this was a really good start!  If you’ve ever had the corn at Cafe Habana, then you’ll love this corn as well!

Next up was the Ham & Cheese Quesadilla which was simple, yet very affective.  I have no idea what type of cheese they used, but it tasted awesome!  It sort of reminded me of a Cuban pressed sandwich, minus the pickles & all that stuff.   Really, Really nice!

Unfortunately, the other 3 dishes we ordered, I cannot remember what they were (we ate there about a month ago), but I can tell you that they were good!  Another cool thing was that the bill came in a tiny ring & Luncha mask with some candy.  All in all, I really enjoyed the meal.  The service was good, the food tasted great & once La Lucha gets a liquor liscence (if they already haven’t), I can see myself spending a lot of time here!

La Lucha Tacos & Boutique on Urbanspoon


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