Cafetasia East

After mocking Cafetasia (85 Avenue A between 5th & 6th streets) earlier for being ‘just another’ Thai restaurant on the Ave., I went there today with a friend for some Happy Hour (more like Happy Day! 12:30-5pm) food.  I can’t remember the name of the spot that used to be here, but Cafetasia did a really damn good job with the remodel.  It was pretty empty, but I could imagine this place would be jumping on a busy night. We sat down & ordered a $2 Sapporo draft (no, that’s NOT a typo; $2!) while we looked through the menu.

We started with the Spring Rolls (forgot to take a picture) which were nothing like I’ve ever had.  I’m used to Spring Rolls being very crispy, but the ‘shell’ on these were more doughy (I immediately thought doughnut) & they were served on top of a sticky sweet sauce (which was pretty good).  I just couldn’t get my head around the dough texture though.  NOT what I had expected.

I opted for the grilled salmon with 3 flavor sauce (I got the sweet & spicy but I couldn’t identify the third, sour maybe?)  I like my salmon a bit on the medium side, but I wasn’t going to complain here.  There were plenty of vegetables & the sauce had a little bit of heat to it, not too overpowering.

Dan got the vegetable red curry, a spicy coconut-based broth again with loads of veggies including a very strange Thai eggplant (at least that’s how our waitress described it) that he seemed to like.  I tried some of the broth.  Really spicy with a hint of sweetness, pretty damn good!  I’m going to try to see if I can replicate this at home (minus the funky vegetables which I’m sure I’ll never find).

Our meal came out to less than $20, not bad at all.  I’m just glad to have somewhere new to go to for lunch!

Update; Further Coverage. New review here.
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