Brunch at Esperanto

Esperanto‘s brunch is one of my favorite destinations on the weekends.  Located at 145 Avenue C @ the corner of 9th Street.  If the weather is nice enough it has outdoor seating & they open the outer doors, giving the space the really airy feeling.  For $10, you get coffee or tea, a drink (typical brunch fare; Screwdriver, Mimosa, Bloody Mary, etc.) & a dish of your choosing.  It can get pretty packed in there, but luckily we were able to get a table pretty quickly.

Normally I go straight for the burger which is very good (although there are better burgers in the ‘hood; Royale, Black Iron & Belcourt to name a few), but I felt like trying something different, so I got the Huevos Loisada; a poached egg over a potato shrimp pie with Hollandaise sauce.  I really wish I had stuck to my burger.  Nothing wrong with the egg (except for the fact that there was only one) or the sauce, but the potato shrimp pie was severely lacking in the shrimp department.  I managed to find a tiny piece in there (a leg or a wing perhaps?)  All in all, this dish left me very unsatisfied, both emotionally & nutritionally.

I still really like Esperanto, the service is good (the manager there is awesome), they make great drinks (particularly mojitos & caipirinhas) & there is often live music.  The Red Snapper Ceviche & grilled salmon are also good dishes.  If you’re going for brunch, get the burger!
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Esperanto in New York


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  1. Thanks for the review. I really want to go there, but they don’t serve brunch on Sundays. 😦

  2. […] EV Eats So after my last review of brunch at Esperanto (145 Avenue C @ the corner of 9th Street, review here) where I complained about the Huevos Loisada, I decided to post about the great brunch food there, […]

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