Bacon Bash!

Ok, this post is 2 months late, but on March 31st I and a bunch of bacon enthusiasts took over the ‘Vegas Room’ in the rear of Village Pourhouse (64 3rd Avenue at 11th Street).  $30 got you a few hours of delicious bacon heaven.  Every dish included bacon in some form, including the drinks!  I had heard about the event from The NYC Menu Girl & managed to snag a 15% discount!

Being a lover of all things porky, I was not going to let this opportunity pass.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone to go with, so I had to roll solo.  I arrived a bit late as well, so I ended up sharing a small table with 3 very young (they totally looked/acted underage) travelers, two of which were Jewish, visiting from Israel (& loving the bacon no less!).  They weren’t really interested that much in the food (or food talk), but luckily some proper foodies showed up later to fill the table up.

I was lucky to have a few other bloggers at my table, so we were able to chat a bit in between courses.  We got right into it, starting with a bacon Bloody Mary made with Black Rock Spirits’ Bakon Vodka.  It’s a potato vodka with a very subtle bacon flavor.  I’m not much of a Bloody Mary drinker, but I actually liked this (much too my surprise)!

First out (foodwise) was Bacon Popcorn (not pictured).  These little kernels packed major bacon flavor & did not last long!  Next up was Bacon Potato Chips (again not pictured).  These were basically house-made chips with a subtle hint of bacon.  French Fries topped with Bacon Salt & served with ketchup rounded out this opening trio.  I thought that the fries were really good, but my favorite was the popcorn.

We moved right along to Mini Sliders with Baconaise.  Now this is  something that I never heard of & I’m kicking myself for not discovering sooner!  It’s basically a ‘Bacon-Flavored Spread’ according to their website.  I’m not sure what the magical ingredient is here, but what freaked me out the most is that it’s Kosher & vegetarian safe.  Still it tasted great on the slider!

I’m guessing that the hosts could tell that we were getting thirsty as we got a glass on Brooklyn Brown Ale (no bacon involved here) with the Wings with Bacon Ranch.  The wings were so-so, but the Ranch dressing was extremely ‘bacony’, too much in fact.

Three types of bacon (no bells or whistles here, just plain ol’ bacon) were up next.  Strips of Applewood bacon, Thick Smokehouse bacon and Honey Smoked bacon.

Vosges’ Bacon Caramel Toffee (which I’ve reviewed before here) was the final item on the menu for the night.

I really had an excellent time, it would have been nice to go with a friend or two, but I ended up meeting some fellow bloggers & fans of pork.  Just when I thought things couldn’t get better, a raffle was held & I was the first person to win a bottle of Baconnaise!  It’s still sitting in my pantry, but I intend to make the ultimate BLT with the stuff & post the recipe here!

Another Lucky Winner


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