After spending a lot of time going to 9th Street Espresso for my daily coffee, I’ve decided that Paradiso (105 Avenue B at 7th Street) is a much better option.  Open since Feb. 2009 it’s a small space (formerly Bang-On) with a few seats & tables, but it is generally never crowded & offers free Wi-Fi.  The husband & wife team there are quite possibly the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

The coffee here (not sure what type of beans they use) is good and a bargain at $1.50-$2.  A large cappuccino will run you $2.75.  There is a wide selection of cookies & pastries as well as sandwiches & Salads.  I’m a real fan of the Asiago & Prosciutto sandwich which is out of this world.  The Caesar Salad here is also pretty damn amazing.

Asiago & Prosciutto

The main attraction here is the Tiramisu which they make in house.  Ranging in flavors from the Classico to apple raisin to strawberry, these seem to be a real hit.  Unfortunately, I haven’t tried any yet.  I really like the laid back attitude here, check Paradiso out if you get a chance!
Paradiso on Urbanspoon
Paradiso in New York on Fooddigger

Full coverage over at my dinner club blog Thursday Club NYC.


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