Cafetasia East Revisited

Cafetasia East (85 Avenue A between 5th & 6th streets) has slightly updated their 12:30-5PM Happy Hour Menu, so I’ll give you the lowdown.  I went there with my Dad a few weeks ago & as usual it wasn’t busy at all.  The first thing that we noticed was that a pint of Sapporo was raised a buck to $3.  Not surprising or a bad deal at all.

Note that this meal was a few weeks ago & unfortunately some of these dishes are no longer on their online menu, but this is just to give you an idea which direction Cafetasia is going.  We started with the Tom Yum Chicken soup which was a well spiced broth with chicken dumplings.  I cannot remember the name of the other dish (ground chicken over a bean sprout salad), but it was far too spicy & basically inedible. ($2 Each)

Dad got the Red Beef Curry ($6) which is a pretty run of the mill dish served with white rice.  The real star was the dish that I got; Seared Tuna Pad Thai (also $6, but unfortunately no longer on the menu).  The tuna was extremely fresh with the lightest of sears & the Pad Thai was made with glass noodles, a really nice touch & really flavorful.  I have yet to find another place that makes it with glass noodles, but rest assured that I’ll be doing it at home.

All in all still a solid meal at a bargain price!
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