178 7th Street close to opening

I passed by the former Mohamed’s Falafel Star spot (178th 7th Street at Avenue B) today & was lucky enough to run into Otto, the owner of the new joint.  He told me that they should be open in 3-4 weeks & that the menu will be mainly healthy food with Eastern European influences.  He also told me that they’ll be serving beer that he brews himself which means that they do have a beer & wine license (they were in front of Community Board 3 a few months ago).

The plywood is off & you can now see the storefront.  no news on the name of the restaurant yet either.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get shots of the interior, but there is a high bar/service area along the right & the kitchen is in the back.  There wasn’t much in the way of seating (I wasn’t able to get a really good peek in there), so it looks like takeout mainly.  Although I miss Mohamed’s, I’m glad that there’s something going on here & I’m eager to try the food!


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