Butter Lane Cupcakes

Wanting something sweet after a recent meal with my brother & sister, we went to Butter Lane (123 East 7th Street between Avenue A & 1st Ave.)  It’s a small space with a few seats indoors & the service area & bakery in the back.  It was a warm day so we decided to order a few cupcakes & sit on the bench outside.

The flavors there can be pretty exotic, such as Key Lime, Grapefruit Ginger, Espresso, Chocolate Tangerine, etc.  I can’t remember the 3 that we ordered, but none of them sounded too over the top.  I’ve heard nothing but good things about Butter Lane ever since it opened in late 2008, so all 3 of us were looking forward to some amazing cupcakes.  Unfortunately, this is NOT what we got.  The cupcake icing was so sweet that it basically made them inedible.  All 3 of us complained that our teeth hurt from the amount of sugar!

The cupcake/sponge itself was dry & not appealing at all.  None of us were able to finish the cupcakes & we ended up throwing them away.  At $3 a pop, it felt like both a waste and a disappointment after all of the hype I heard.  I’m really not sure if we just got them on an off day or if this is par for the course, but I vowed never to go back there.

Butter Lane has plenty of fans, but it was just not for me.  They also have a small room to the side where they offer baking classes.  $50 gets you all the ingredients & an apron for a 2-3 hour course on making cupcakes the ‘Butter Lane Way’.
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