Luke’s Lobster Makes People Go Batsh*t

Addiction, it’s not just for crack anymore (sorry Pookie).

Thanks to the miracle of the Internets & Twitter I just heard about a Craigslist Post today from a guy who snapped because he hadn’t had his Luke’s Lobster Roll yet.

Titled; “To the lass walking her dog” the post reads;

I just want to apologize to you miss for snapping at you as you were being helpful in advising my friends and I that we couldn’t park in front of the church by Luke’s Lobster. I was really just dying for a roll and that may have caused my foul reaction. I had not realized how rude I was until I was told so by my friends. I’m sincerely sorry for having been a jerk and I hope you get an opportunity to read this. You were very cute by the way.

If the Lobster Rolls (which I happen to love) can do that, I wonder what the Empress Crab claws have in store for us!


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