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6th Street Kitchen

After passing by several times, I recently went to 6th Street Kitchen (507 East 6th Street between Avenue A & B) with a friend.  I had previously reported that they just started Happy Hour so we arrived there pretty early last Friday (Update; Happy Hour Has been pushed back to Fall, but they will be having live music there soon).

Open since April 2010, they specialize in small shared plates which is right down my alley as it gave us the opportunity to try a bunch of dishes out.  It being early, we literally had the place to ourselves so my culinary cohort & I decided to get a bottle of Rioja Rose ($32) while we looked through the menu.

The Dinner menu is split into Soups; $7, Small Plates $6-$12 and Salads & Sandwiches; $9-$13 (all bread is baked in house).  Desserts run around $8 or $9.  Not bad at all & you’re more than likely to find dishes that everyone can enjoy together.

The first dish out were the Deviled Eggs ($6 & apologies for the lighting on this picture.  Also note that all of the eggs here are organic) which look (at first) pretty run of the mill.  Once you tasted this dish though I really liked how they creamed the yolk with truffle oil.  Add the chives & lardon topping; they really took this dish to another level.

Next up were the Fish Tacos which were a special that day ($10).  I’ll admit that I’m not much of a taco kinda guy, but these were amazing.  The breading on the fish was insanely light & airy & the topping of diced tomatoes, red onion & cilantro really rounded it out.  They were served with sides of lemon, sliced radishes, a spicy aoili & salsa verde so you could customize your taco.

Pork & Veal Meatballs with Sage & Parmesan ($9).  A simple but very tasty dish, served with a delicious tomato sauce.  The sage was a nice touch.

Then we moved back to seafood; House Cured Salmon with Prosecco, Avocado, Red Onion ($9).  Another very simple dish but beautifully mastered.

Our final dish was the one I was perhaps the most excited about. Pork Belly, Radicchio, and Coddled Egg ($10).  Beautiful portions of pork belly were topped with Radicchio & the softest looking Coddled Eggs (all eggs at 6th Street Kitchen are organic).  Once you broke the egg & let the yolk run, you knew you were in heaven.  By this point I was pretty stuffed, but I was ‘forced’ into ordering dessert.

We ended up getting the Poached White Peach ($8).  It came with a scoop of house made Ice Cream & drizzled with lord knows what (I was in the early stages of food coma by this point & my brain was pretty frazzled).  Needless to say, I will be coming back to eat here again, most likely to try some of the sandwiches (I’ve heard good things about the Burger).  Just so you know, they do Brunch as well.
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