This post is a few weeks late, but I’ll try to remember the meal as accurately as possible.  Back in Early June, we took my Dad to dinner at Barbounia (250 Park Avenue South at 20th Street) for his birthday.  I’d never been there before, but my brother knows one of the partners, Alon and recommended the place. It’s a pretty swanky Greek/Mediterranean joint & was packed to the gills by the time we got there so unfortunately we weren’t able to get the seat by the open doors that we wanted (even though we had made reservations & requested said table).

Anyways, after having a drink at a large table by the bar, we were seated & ordered a bottle of the Montepulicano ($43), a great red from Tuscany.  We decided to share appetizers & got the Fried Calamari ($13.95), Hummus ($8.50) & Grilled Lamb Merguez ($12.50).  I was a huge fan of the sausage which was served on top of Gigantes (Large White Bean) Stew.  It was just really, really well spiced.  The Flatbread that came with the Hummus was also a hit.  I wasn’t, however, such a big fan of the Calamari.

We moved on to the main course & both my father & brother ordered the Braised Lamb Shank ($29.95), a hulking, almost ‘Flintstone-esque’ piece of meat that literally fell off of the bone.  It was served on a bed of green wheat, mushrooms, carrots, lamb jus & kalamata olives.  Luckily enough I was able to try & and way totally blown away.

I got the Grilled Whole Branzino ($29.95) which came with broccoli rabe, lemon potatoes & salsa verde.  It was grilled very well & was more than filling.  I’m not much of a vegetable person so the sides really didn’t impress me.  My Mom got the Pan Seared Yellowfin Tuna ($29.95) with creamed potato & if memory serves me correctly, she really didn’t enjoy it.  Something was just wrong with the dish, I think it was the green peppercorn sauce.

Alon was kind enough to comp us out dessert, so we got the Silan (date, almond & rice crispy brittle, shredded halva with milk ice cream), Chocolate Cake (w/Turkish coffee ice cream), Kanafeh (shredded phyllo dough, fresh sweet goat cheese, rose-water syrup, pistachios & honey ice cream) & some coffee.  Most of these are dishes that I’ve never had (or heard of), but they were good!

All in all, a great meal, some minor hiccups & a bit on the pricey side but well worth it I think!  If you like good food & massive portions then Barbounia is for you!

Barbounia on Urbanspoon


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