Esperanto Revisited

So after my last review of brunch at Esperanto (145 Avenue C @ the corner of 9th Street, review here) where I complained about the Huevos Loisada, I decided to post about the great brunch food there, namely the cheeseburger.  It was my birthday (Yay Me!) so I went with my mother & brother & got a pretty choice seat by the entrance. As I said in my previous review for $10, you get coffee or tea, a drink (typical brunch fare; Screwdriver, Mimosa, Bloody Mary, etc.) & a dish of your choosing.  We started with a few small dishes, the Ceveche of the Day ($7) which was snapper & ranks among my favorite ceviches.  We also had the Tostones w/Black Bean Dip ($4).  I’ve never had Black Bean Dip before, but this was really great.  I thought the tostones were kind of dry though.

All 3 of us got the burger, medium-rare.  It comes with fries & spicy mayo.  The burger was cooked perfectly (we’ve had trouble with the steak there before), but I think that the tomatoes were way too thick cut, it made it quite hard to fit the darn burger in your mouth.  They were also nice enough to send over a complimentary Coconut Flan with a candle in it…  Really damn tasty.  Anyway, like I said in my previous review, get the burger.


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