Brunch at JoeDoe

I’m not really that big on traditional ‘bacon & egg’ brunches, but when a friend mentioned that JoeDoe (45 East 1st Street between 1st & 2nd Avenues) served duck eggs & not your typical bacon, I jumped at the chance to check it out.  Started 2 years ago by Chef Joe Dobias & partner Jill Schulster, Joe Doe is a small but inviting 25 seat restaurant with an open bar & a full liquor license.

You might notice the lack of photography that I’m so fond of.  JoeDoe has a ‘no-photography’ during meal service.  I understand (sort of) the reasoning, but I still think it sucks because the food looks as good as it tastes.  There is an extensive cocktail list with some pretty aggressive experimentation (ie; beer-based cocktails with spices like sage, rosemary or sugared tobacco).  I was really looking forward to trying Duck Eggs, which I’ve never had.  Another thing that peeked my interest was the 3 types of bacon served there; Face (jowl), Shoulder & Belly.  If you’ve read my reviews of Back Forty, you’ll know that I love Pork Jowl, so I opted for the Face Bacon Benedict ($12) with Hollandaise & Home Fries.

The Hollandaise was laced with Sambal, giving it a really nice spice.  The eggs were good, I’m not sure how to describe duck eggs, but you definetely knew that they were not chicken eggs.  The face bacon was very tasty, but a little over fried for my taste (they seemed to have been deep fried).  I enjoyed brunch there & will be going back for dinner that includes dishes like Braised Oxtail & John Fazio Rabbit.  Shame about the photos though.

JoeDoe on Urbanspoon

Image via Eater.


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