Zum Schneider continues to menace the ‘hood

I recently passed by Zum Schneider (107 Avenue C @ 7th Street) & Oktoberfest is in full swing.  The place was absolutely heaving & there was a gigantic line outside.  You could hear the music/shouting/crying from a block or two away & it seems like everyone was having a hell of a time.  The 2nd Anniversary of Sunburnt Cow with free food & booze (as well as a whole cow spit roast) didn’t deter people from going to Zum.

Some were having a little too much fun (see pic below).  This poor girl was absolutely legless & her boyfriend/crutch was holding on to her for dear life while trying to flag down a cab.  Jokes aside, I love the food here


One Response

  1. they start lining up at 11 in the morning…..this place is raking in the cash!

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