Tuck Shop

There’s something almost magical about the smell of freshly baked pie, particularly if they’re full of meat and possibly Guinness!  That’s exactly what to expect at Aussie Meat Pie wonder Tuck Shop (115 St Mark’s Pl. between 1st Avenue & Avenue A.  They have a location on 1st street between 1st & 2nd Avenue, but I’m too damn lazy).

On warm summer days, the smell of delicious meats & buttery crust waft down St Mark’s (with just a hint of piss & wino).  During the winter, it’s like a flavorful smack in the face as you come in out of the cold.  They ‘make’ the pies (by which I mean assemble the ingredients; dough, filling, etc.) at the 1st street location, then the pies are baked (fresh, not frozen) at St Mark’s.

The Traditional ($5.50) is basically ground beef with a thick, rich sauce. I can’t remember if carrots & peas are in there, but I wouldn’t be surprised.  This may be sacrilege to Australians (please don’t kill me!), but it really reminds me of Shepherds Pie (swapping lamb w/beef).  This is my go-to pie & I start with it every time that I go there.

They have a Pork & Sage pie as well, but I’m guessing that this is currently off the menu, or a special as I can’t find it online.  I’m a big lover of braised pig parts, so this was a great pie in my opinion.  Some of the pies need condiments; I like ketchup on my Traditional.  This one needed nothing (notice the mess in the picture, I’m about 3 pies deep & in pure bliss).

And now onto the  Guinness Steak & Mushroom Pie ($6) the granddaddy of them all, I mean, look at the color on that thing!  Guinness Braised steak with green peppercorn & horseradish gravy…  Perfection in a pie!  This is my guilty indulgence but it just so dense that I can’t get it every time!  They have others, like the Thai Chook ($5.50) which is a lovely Thai Chicken incarnation.  Look out for the Sausage or Veggie Rolls ($3.50) too.

Don’t get it twisted, these are NOT the chicken pot pies that mom used to pull out of the freezer & pop in the oven your you (I love you Mommy!), they have depth, flavor & a lot of character.  The soggy bit of pie at the bottom is still my favorite part; soaked, starchy & utterly irresistible.  Screw it, I’d buy a plate of those.  My only gripe is that the outer crust can sometimes be dry, you decide.


This little bugger is on to something!


All in all, I really love this spot, in the cold when you can down pies in a meat sauna (the space is small) of sorts & in the warmer weather so you can people watch through the giant window or carry a pie or three around with you like an ice cream cone.


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