Casimir now offering half portions

If you haven’t been to Casimir (103-105 Avenue B @6-7th St.) in a while & are squinting at the menu thinking you’re seeing things, trust me, you’re not.  Although it’s been in effect for some time, Casimir have recently reprinted their menus with pricing for the new ‘mini’ sized dishes in green. 50% of the full price basically gets you a smaller version of the same plate (see the Steak Tartare ($18 & $9) to the left, one of my favorite dishes there).

I think it’s a really great idea & allows diners to try more dishes.  It seems to be very popular as well, the last couple of nights that I was there at the bar, the mini-plates seem to be very well received.  The Steamed Mussels ($12 & $6) is a perfect example of a dish that’s great in half portions (unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the mini).

The Beef Carpaccio ($9 & $4.50) is shown here, not really the best example of the ‘mini’ as it’s such a light dish. Half portions to not apply to desserts or sides. So, if you’re looking for a great glass of wine & some light fare, check out Casimir.

You can find my half-assed review of Casimir here, I really need to do a proper one.


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