Coast To Coast Wine Dinner at 6th St. Kitchen

6th St. Kitchen will be hosting a 7 (yes, seven!) course tasting with wine pairing featuring new wines on the menu on Tuesday November 2nd.  Dishes include Pork Loin, Rock Shrimp, Braised Short Ribs (Yum) & more…

From the press release:

On November 2nd, 6th Street Kitchen will hosting a special “Coast to  Coast” wine dinner to sample some of the new wines that will be added to  our current wine list. The dinner will consist of seven courses with  wine pairings for each course. International wines will be paired with  “All-American” dishes. Wondering why I said “All-American?” We’re going  to be playing with tradition. I’ve attached a picture of the dessert:  “Ants on a Log” — it may look like an after-school snack but this is  actually a peanut butter mousse with celery gremolata and raisins.

The wine dinner is $80/person and starts at 8pm. Space is limited so  reservations are required. Please call (212) 477-4649 or e-mail us at


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