Coast To Coast Wine Dinner at 6th St. Kitchen

6th St. Kitchen will be hosting a 7 (yes, seven!) course tasting with wine pairing featuring new wines on the menu on Tuesday November 2nd.  Dishes include Pork Loin, Rock Shrimp, Braised Short Ribs (Yum) & more…

From the press release:

On November 2nd, 6th Street Kitchen will hosting a special “Coast to  Coast” wine dinner to sample some of the new wines that will be added to  our current wine list. The dinner will consist of seven courses with  wine pairings for each course. International wines will be paired with  “All-American” dishes. Wondering why I said “All-American?” We’re going  to be playing with tradition. I’ve attached a picture of the dessert:  “Ants on a Log” — it may look like an after-school snack but this is  actually a peanut butter mousse with celery gremolata and raisins.

The wine dinner is $80/person and starts at 8pm. Space is limited so  reservations are required. Please call (212) 477-4649 or e-mail us at


Fourth Arts Block East Village Eats Food Tour Preview

Fourth Arts Block, a non-profit located on East 4th Street Cultural District is hosting an East Village Food Tour & Fund-raising event. $35 gets you access to 15 restaurants in the East Village as well as discount drinks at a few bars in the area (buy your tix now, they go up to $45 tomorrow).  I mentioned this tour before, but last Friday I was lucky enough to go on a preview & try out 5 of the dishes that we’ll be scoffing this Saturday (Oct. 23rd 11am -4pm).  Joined by Ed of The Lo-Down (an awesome LES blog, his take on the tasting here), FAB’s director of special projects, Lauren Parrish & her assistant Tamara. Continue reading

A Hot Mess on Hester Street

Yesterday’s Grub Street Food Festival was a colossal disaster.  Hosted by New York Magazine in the same space as the Hester Street Fair (Hester & Essex), the tiny area was packed with eager foodies & virtually impossible to navigate.  The entire event was totally unenjoyable.  I took a few steps in, turned 180 & scuttled off thinking “What! No Wafels & Dinges?”.  I guess I really didn’t miss anything as news had it that most of the vendors ended up selling out before the event ended.  Full vendors list here.

Not to be confused with…

I’ve been hearing a lot about the Fourth Arts Block ‘East Village Eats’ self-guided tour of 15 East Village restaurants.  I’m getting the impression that I’m leeching some of their Google hits, so if the food tour was what you were looking for, click the image.  $35 gets you the opportunity to walk around the ‘hood with fellow residents & foodies & try some dishes at some of the best that the EV has to offer.  Some of my favorites are on there; Luke’s Lobster, S’mac, Nicky’s, Tuck Shop & plenty of others I want to try.  You also get discounts at Xoom, DBA & Jimmy’s No. 43 to name a few. Obviously, I’m going to have to go on the tour & check it out & help support FAB who are doing some pretty amazing things to support culture & community on East 4th Street & the East Village as a whole.  Hope to see you there!

Update: Preview here.

Guess who feels like a Jackass right now

You guessed right; ME.  Coming back home on Thursday night I wasn’t feeling so well.  I had just finished school at The French Culinary Institute/Interntional Culinary Center (whatever you want to call it) & had an amazing 5 course meal downstairs at L’ecole (review to follow).  I have no idea what the heck was going on but I basically spent Friday & Saturday in bed, shivering, sweating & mumbling to myself (in no way do I blame L’ecole for this by the way!)  Finally I get up today feeling much better & initially really angry that I flaked on a brunch I was meant to go to and also missed the Peak Organic tasting at Korzo Haus on 7th Street.

Then I read my emails.

The first one that caught my eye was from Amy, the Social Media Director at Foodspotting (she also runs Amy Blogs Chow & Stupidly Simple Snacks) letting me know that I’ve been nominated as a Super Spotter.  The email goes on to tell me that they had a free ticket for me at the sold-out New York City Wine & Food Festival’s Grand Tasting yesterday.  I mean it’s awesome to be one of the first two Super Spotters, but to be offered a free ticket to the Grand Tasting!  If I had only checked my mail on Saturday morning, I wouldn’t have cared how delirious I was!  Looking at the lineup of restaurants & exhibitors that were there, It’s been a rough Sunday for me!

Needless to say, check out my Foodspotting profile & cheer me up!

Zum Schneider continues to menace the ‘hood

I recently passed by Zum Schneider (107 Avenue C @ 7th Street) & Oktoberfest is in full swing.  The place was absolutely heaving & there was a gigantic line outside.  You could hear the music/shouting/crying from a block or two away & it seems like everyone was having a hell of a time.  The 2nd Anniversary of Sunburnt Cow with free food & booze (as well as a whole cow spit roast) didn’t deter people from going to Zum.

Some were having a little too much fun (see pic below).  This poor girl was absolutely legless & her boyfriend/crutch was holding on to her for dear life while trying to flag down a cab.  Jokes aside, I love the food here

6th St. Kitchen Unveils New Fall Menu

6th Street Kitchen (507 East 6th Street between Avenue A & B) has unvieled their fall dinner menu (click picture to enlarge) & it’s looking pretty damn tasty!  I’ve reviewed them berore (here) & have had nothing but good things to say about my dining experience there. 

Also noteworthy is that they will be hosting a 7 course tasting preview of the fall menu tomorrow at 7pm.  Further coverage here.