Bovine Burglary!

Bessie, the beloved mascot of Aussie eatery The Sunburnt Cow (137 Avenue C between 8th & 9th streets, brunch review here) has been cownapped!  Some time between 2 & 4am last Sunday she was stolen for the 2nd time from her perch at the front of the restaurant.  They are offering a $500 reward for information leading to her safe return.  Email


Marco Polo Cafe Now Mini Burger

Marco Polo Cafe (102 St Mark’s Place near 1st Avenue, review here), my go to spot for $1 bison sliders shuttered for a few days, got a bit of a new paint job & signage & has reopened as Mini Burger.  They still serve the same sliders, but the price has been jacked up fifty cents to $1.50.  I haven’t been back there yet, but I doubt that much has changed.

Casimir now offering half portions

If you haven’t been to Casimir (103-105 Avenue B @6-7th St.) in a while & are squinting at the menu thinking you’re seeing things, trust me, you’re not.  Although it’s been in effect for some time, Casimir have recently reprinted their menus with pricing for the new ‘mini’ sized dishes in green. 50% of the full price basically gets you a smaller version of the same plate (see the Steak Tartare ($18 & $9) to the left, one of my favorite dishes there).

I think it’s a really great idea & allows diners to try more dishes.  It seems to be very popular as well, the last couple of nights that I was there at the bar, the mini-plates seem to be very well received.  The Steamed Mussels ($12 & $6) is a perfect example of a dish that’s great in half portions (unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the mini). Continue reading

Breaking; Satsko’s serving up Pork Ramen!

Ok, so it’s not really ‘Breaking News’ because I’ve been hearing it along the grapevine for a week & have even seen a Facebook status update or two regarding this matter, but Sake Bar Satsko (202 East 7th St. Previously reviewed here) will be offering up Pork Ramen Specials on the nights that owner, Sastsko Watanabe, is in the kitchen (not entirely sure of those yet, more later). Continue reading

Something Wicked This Way Comes

I talked yesterday about the possibilities of a new restaurant taking over 102 Avenue C & I think I was right.  I passed by today & the ‘Mr. C’s Italian Trattoria’ lettering has been scraped off of the window.  Looking forward to seeing what will be going in there.

6th Street Kitchen Launches ‘Slappy Hour’

6th Street Kitchen (507 East 6th Street btwn Avenue A & B) a favorite of mine, is starting up ‘Slappy Hour’ this Monday October 4th.  6-7pm during weekdays, they’ll serve up $2 slider specials.  The specials will change day to day, so follow them on Twitter (@6thStKitchen) to find out what they’re serving up!

Site News

You may have noticed the lack of posts recently, but I’ve been in the process from moving from the platform, to the self-hosted  This will allow me to use Javascript, add videos & use other, more robust features.  All in all, this should improve the experience here at East Village Eats.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get a few posts in while the upgrade happens.  In the future, please go to Look for some exciting new changes in the near future…

Thanks for visiting.  -Jason