Kuboya Ramen

I few days I talked about Kuboya Ramen (536 East 6th Street between Avenue A & B) that popped up right next door to Minca, the much loved reigning champ on the block.  I questioned whether or not we need another Ramen spot on 5th street.  Well, I decided to check out Kuboya for myself & here’s my review. Continue reading


Ramen Row!

Is there a Ramen War shaping up on 5th Street between Avenue A & B?  In one corner we have the reigning Champ, Minca Ramen Factory & in the other we have a newcomer, Kuboya Ramen (536 East 5th Street, in the old Le Gamin space).  I’m glad to see that something is going into this address, but do we really need another ramen spot?

I love Minca & I’m pretty sure that the owner is not going to be happy about this at all.  Kuboya’s storefront is covered in print outs of a ‘press release’ of sorts.  The funny thing is that the first paragraph is the owner talking about how he (Sammy Kubo) & Minca’s owner have been friends for 25 years, yet this paragraph has been (improperly) redacted!  Classic!  I guess you ain’t friends no more!

We’ll see how this ends up & I’ll be doing at taste test to determine which place I think is better!

Lilly Coogan’s to become Coal Yard

Yesterday I bumped into a friend, Steve Schweiger outside the former Lilly Coogan’s space (102 First Avenue @ 6th Street) which shuttered in late May/early June.  He’s the general contractor overseeing the renovation there.  Word is that the partners from nearby International Bar (120 1/2 First Avenue @7th Street) will be taking the bar over (they transferred the license in July).

Construction is wrapping up, the tap lines aren’t in yet but the word on the street is that they’ll be having a soft opening this Wednesday (not confirmed).  This is great news for the neighborhood, International Bar is one of my top 5 bars in the area & I’m sure that owners Molly & Shawn can bring the same vibe to Coal Yard.  Watch this space for more news.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

I talked yesterday about the possibilities of a new restaurant taking over 102 Avenue C & I think I was right.  I passed by today & the ‘Mr. C’s Italian Trattoria’ lettering has been scraped off of the window.  Looking forward to seeing what will be going in there.

Action at 102 Avenue C

102 Avenue C (at 7th street) the long-shuttered former home of Mr C’s Italian Trattoria might be reopening.  Over the past few days, I’ve seen the doors open & people pottering around the place.  I’m really hoping that we get a decent restaurant here as my one & only experience at Mr. C’s was laughable

178 7th Street close to opening

I passed by the former Mohamed’s Falafel Star spot (178th 7th Street at Avenue B) today & was lucky enough to run into Otto, the owner of the new joint.  He told me that they should be open in 3-4 weeks & that the menu will be mainly healthy food with Eastern European influences.  He also told me that they’ll be serving beer that he brews himself which means that they do have a beer & wine license (they were in front of Community Board 3 a few months ago).

The plywood is off & you can now see the storefront.  no news on the name of the restaurant yet either.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get shots of the interior, but there is a high bar/service area along the right & the kitchen is in the back.  There wasn’t much in the way of seating (I wasn’t able to get a really good peek in there), so it looks like takeout mainly.  Although I miss Mohamed’s, I’m glad that there’s something going on here & I’m eager to try the food!


Older Coverage.

Farmers Market Coming to Ave. D

Gentrification at Work?

Construction of the new home for the Lower Eastside Girls Club on Avenue D begins next week & it seems like we’ll be getting a Farmers Market, Café & more;

We are expanding our successful entrepreneurial social venture businesses, The Sweet Things Baking Company and Community Café, with the construction of a Culinary Education Center and commercial kitchen. These programs offer job training and opportunities for teenage girls and neighborhood women. The kitchen will also serve as a classroom for nutrition education and meet in-house food service needs. A courtyard filled with flowers, an outdoor fountain designed by artist Kiki Smith, and café tables will provide a unique oasis for dining and quiet events.

Our public market space will be a home for our Farmers Market Center, simultaneously supporting New York State farmers and our community’s health.

By the look of the plans, this is a pretty cool addition to the ‘hood & could offer some interesting shopping options, not to mention a great education/vocational opportunity for girls & women in the area.

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