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Kuboya Ramen

I few days I talked about Kuboya Ramen (536 East 6th Street between Avenue A & B) that popped up right next door to Minca, the much loved reigning champ on the block.  I questioned whether or not we need another Ramen spot on 5th street.  Well, I decided to check out Kuboya for myself & here’s my review. Continue reading


Ramen @ Sake Bar Satsko

It’s no secret that I have a real soft spot for Sake Bar Satsko(202 East 7th Street between Ave. B & C.  Further info here), the tiny east village restaurant & bar that over the years has become my go to place for good times.  I found out last week that the owner, Satsko Watanabe has begun making Pork ($12) & Vegetable ($11) ramen on the nights that she’s in the kitchen, I went there last night to try them out. Continue reading

Late Night at Cafetasia East

Totally starving after doing some heavyweight drinking in the neighborhood on a typical Thursday night, my brother & I went to Cafetasia East (85 Avenue A between 5th & 6th streets) an old favorite of ours.  We arrived shortly before midnight & the staff were pretty much closing up shop.  Luckily, they were nice enough to seat us. Continue reading

Brunch at Belcourt

Don’t you just hate it when you plan to go somewhere to eat & then you find out that they’re closed?  Well that’s what happened to a new-found foodie friend & I on Labor Day (I know, it’s a while back) when we tried to go to Vandaag (review to come).  We decided on one of my old favorites, Belcourt (84 4th Street at 2nd Avenue), they were fairly empty & had outdoor seating as the weather was nice, perfect. Continue reading

Tuck Shop

There’s something almost magical about the smell of freshly baked pie, particularly if they’re full of meat and possibly Guinness!  That’s exactly what to expect at Aussie Meat Pie wonder Tuck Shop (115 St Mark’s Pl. between 1st Avenue & Avenue A.  They have a location on 1st street between 1st & 2nd Avenue, but I’m too damn lazy). Continue reading

Action at 102 Avenue C

102 Avenue C (at 7th street) the long-shuttered former home of Mr C’s Italian Trattoria might be reopening.  Over the past few days, I’ve seen the doors open & people pottering around the place.  I’m really hoping that we get a decent restaurant here as my one & only experience at Mr. C’s was laughable

6th Street Kitchen Launches ‘Slappy Hour’

6th Street Kitchen (507 East 6th Street btwn Avenue A & B) a favorite of mine, is starting up ‘Slappy Hour’ this Monday October 4th.  6-7pm during weekdays, they’ll serve up $2 slider specials.  The specials will change day to day, so follow them on Twitter (@6thStKitchen) to find out what they’re serving up!