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About Me

Me, a long, loooong time ago!I’m Jason, a 30-something slacker that has traveled & lived all around the world (Europe mainly), but I’ve been in the East Village since 2001.  I never really considered myself a ‘foodie’ or even a half-decent cook until joining a cooking club called Thursday Club NYC in 2004.  Since then I’ve tried to hone my skills in the kitchen, restaurants AND bars!  I’m currently enrolled in Alan Richman’s Craft of Food Writing course at The French Culinary Institute.

This blog is my ode to the East Village & I hope to bring honest & accurate reviews of all that this amazing area has to offer (& other areas too).  ENJOY!

Contact me at: contact{@}


4 Responses

  1. Saw your comment on Chef Ryan and wanted to ask a couple of questions– are you using Louisiana crawfish tails as opposed to Chines crawfish? Very important that you use the right one. Number two, how does your crawfish bisque come out. If you noticed my comment, my mother used a brown roux to make crawfish bisque and not tomato paste. Oh and yes, my mother made me make roux (stand by the stove and sitr the flour and oil mix with a metal spoon) and also I had to peel the crawfish too and clean the heads. Yup, that’s called learning how to cook in my house.

  2. I tried sending an e mail it didnt work – any way about crabs: any of those places in chinatown are fine – I shop on grand just east of bowery – simply make sure you get live and active crabs – if you want to pay a little more and be guaranteed quality there is the fish market in the chelsea market that always has top notch seafood.

  3. Hey there! I ran into you at Zum Schneider a few weeks ago. You’ve got a great blog going here…I will definitely be frequenting it and the restaurants you (positively) review in the near future!

  4. We run a similarly named food initiative in the East Village and we would love to meet and talk about our mutual love of food and this neighborhood. Drop us a line, we have a tasting tour coming up and I feel as if you should be the first person to take it!

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