Lina Frey

I’d been reading about Lina Frey (201 East Houston at Ludlow Street) the newest French Bistro & Creperie in the LES for some time so I decided to finally check it out for myself.  Actually, I had read more about the beer selection & retractable roof than the food, so I was eager to see what all of the fuss was about.

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The Rusty Knot

After visiting The Frying Pan, I decided to hit up the nautically-themed Rusty Knot (425 West Street at West 11th St.).  It’s a bit out of my normal stomping grounds but I was already on the West Side.  I’d been there before for drinks (normally a Tecate & the infamous Pickleback; a shot of pickle juice), but never eaten there.  The menu is small with Mexican & Tapas inspiration via Sue Torres (from Sueños) .  We had been drinking quite a bit so decided to try out the monstrosity that you see above.  Not sure what the heck it was but I do remember that at one point it was on fire! Continue reading

Luke’s Lobster Makes People Go Batsh*t

Addiction, it’s not just for crack anymore (sorry Pookie).

Thanks to the miracle of the Internets & Twitter I just heard about a Craigslist Post today from a guy who snapped because he hadn’t had his Luke’s Lobster Roll yet.

Titled; “To the lass walking her dog” the post reads;

I just want to apologize to you miss for snapping at you as you were being helpful in advising my friends and I that we couldn’t park in front of the church by Luke’s Lobster. I was really just dying for a roll and that may have caused my foul reaction. I had not realized how rude I was until I was told so by my friends. I’m sincerely sorry for having been a jerk and I hope you get an opportunity to read this. You were very cute by the way.

If the Lobster Rolls (which I happen to love) can do that, I wonder what the Empress Crab claws have in store for us!

6th Street Kitchen

After passing by several times, I recently went to 6th Street Kitchen (507 East 6th Street between Avenue A & B) with a friend.  I had previously reported that they just started Happy Hour so we arrived there pretty early last Friday (Update; Happy Hour Has been pushed back to Fall, but they will be having live music there soon).

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Mermaid Inn

It’s really hard to find good seafood (particularly oysters), but we’re pretty blessed here in the East Village.  One of my favorites is Mermaid Inn (96 2nd Avenue between 5th & 6th Streets).  They have another location in the UWS & an Oyster Bar in Greenwich Village as well.
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Butter Lane Cupcakes

Wanting something sweet after a recent meal with my brother & sister, we went to Butter Lane (123 East 7th Street between Avenue A & 1st Ave.)  It’s a small space with a few seats indoors & the service area & bakery in the back.  It was a warm day so we decided to order a few cupcakes & sit on the bench outside.

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East Village Cheese

This place is one of my Favorite guilty pleasures, East Village Cheese located at 40 3rd Avenue (between 9th & 10th Streets) consistently serves up the most delicious & affordable cheese ever.  Don’t let the exterior (handwritten specials) scare you, inside is an amazing mecca of cheese!  This is a no frills store, cash only & lacking in customer service.

You go in, choose what you want & pretty much get out as soon as you can.  The cheese there in insanely inexpensive, my last trip there cost me $18 & I walked away with about 5 Lbs of cheese.  You basically cannot find a better deal in the city.  They have great Prosciutto, Taramasalata & Pate as well. If you get a chance check this place out, you’ll thank me later…